Oğulcan, 31, Turkish, currently in Istanbul (Turkey) – Live: From The Pandemic

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect you the most?

Economically and psychologically of course. Because of the pandemic, all the film industry here has stopped. As a freelancer, I need to keep working to make money. In this process I cannot work therefore I can’t make money. I cannot even reach the production companies to ask, who owes me money from previous projects. They are also not working which is completely understandable. Psychologically; being all the time at home, self-isolation and not getting interaction with other people and friends is not easy. Sometimes I’m feeling so depressed and lonely. It’s like the end of the world. Not knowing when this pandemic is going to be over and when we can continue our normal lives is a struggle too. 

What is your wish for the future? 

We all see in this period; if one person suffers, it can cause suffer all the people around the world. What happened to borders and the flags that everybody believed before? Can they protect you from the virus? What happened to strong countries economy? Is oil and weapons still more important than health and people’s of the world? No. Not at all. I wish we all can change our point of views in the future. Invest more in health and happiness and people rather than anything else. There is nothing more important than people’s lives. I hope this order of the world will collapse and we will create a new order which is centered on humans, happiness, social awareness rather than flags, borders, money, oil and wars. 

What would you like to be doing right now?  

I would give a higher perspective to all humans in a divine way 🙂 Especially to politicians and who runs the world. 

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