Thamjeed, 22, Indian, currently in Kerala (India) – Live: From The Pandemic


How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect you the most?

To be truthful, it was awful once these news were coming out. Mostly it was because I was on the last year of my college and we have only 2 months to spend and share all our happiness (creating memory though). First I wasn’t worried much as the news said it was being spread in other countries. I didn’t really know what it was really. But slowly it had entered India and the state where I am living, Kerala. Then it all had become a severe problem for me and the whole country. Its almost 18 days of quarentine at the moment. First it just began saying it was curfew for just one day, on 22nd March. But it had extended. Things became tragic when this whole lockdown thing became more strict. Everyone were worried about their own life and their close family. At that moment everyone thought there will be shortage of food supply and this could kill more. But our governement (rather than saying Indian governement I like to say it’s Kerala government) stood like a father to their people. They were very influential to every person living in Kerala . Every day (starting from lockdown) they had been solving every problem one by one. Nobody could question them because there isn’t any silly decision they took. Everything is perfect. Shortage of food has been cleared. Everyone were provided with free food. Health department (of Kerala) are doing their best. New doctors were appointed. And from reports we can clearly see the recovered rate is very high. Now talking about me, I am just a student and I didn’t had any job before. So it was really weird for me because I were really busy with college and suddenly there comes end to everything. I didn’t have anything to do. So I had myself made a schedule. To get fit and explore my surroundings. That’s when I remembered about that camera I had. So I had decided to take pictures of birds. Totally it isn’t easy at all. We need to really be quiet and maybe we won’t be able to get any nice picture. So my camera had become a very good friend. Then comes my training. I am footballer. I just play football in my college and in my locality and I love football. So the evenings became my training period. It is very nice but it’s just that there is only me and my football. And in night I just do the workout. At the moment everyone is having a peaceful life. It’s the time to find the real you. I know everyone are facing many problems. At least try to find happiness in what you do. To be precise I am really unhappy inside (last year of college) but still try to find happiness in everything I am doing now. Only by staying self quarentined we could end this disaster. At the moment there isn’t any vaccine. So it’s better to stay at home and be safe.

What is your wish for the future? 

To have a peaceful life. Covid-19 has showed that nothing is permanent in this world. Just by a small virus (the one human can’t see with naked eyes) everything got upside down. The only thing that will remain of you will all those happy moments that you give to others. Even when you are dead you will be happily living in their heart. Helping mentality of each person has been seen and by doing this you will be always remembered. Conquer others with love and patience, not with money and weapons.

What would you like to be doing right now?  

I really want to help others in whichever way possible.

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