Dave, 31, British, currently in New York City (USA) – Live: From The Pandemic

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect you the most?

Hello! I’m Dave and have been in America for three years. I moved here with my wife at the beginning of 2017, had a daughter who is two now, and have two stepchildren, both boys who are 5 and 7. The pandemic has caused me to be furloughed from my workplace meaning I have no income, which in itself would not have been as big a problem as it is, except that as I only received my Green Card in January, I had not been working Legally long enough to claim unemployment insurance. The uncertainty about when help will be available is a cause of background anxiety most days. Thankfully, myself and my wife are strong and resourceful and have overcome a lot before this so are just going through all the things we need to do and waiting on the help to become available. Me, my wife and my three children had actually moved from a family shelter in Manhattan to a house on Staten Island during the lockdown and this is our first proper home together due to various circumstances. Being from England also means that I keep track of events happening in Britain too, hoping my friends and family there are staying safe and doing ok. Overall, the pandemic has changed moving into our first family home together from something of a fresh start with less worry and stress to another situation with unstable dynamics at play.

What is your wish for the future? 

For the future, I’m hoping for people to learn from the experience, to be better prepared and to be less selfish than before. I’m lucky to be in a State where provisions for Immigrants legal and Undocumented are of a very high level, minimizing the potential impact of something like this and I would hope to see that extended to everywhere else too. I’m looking forward to working again and just having a more certain financial situation than at present!

What would you like to be doing right now?  

It would be nice to be able to explore my new neighborhood a bit more and take some photos. Other than that it’s actually great to spend lots of time together as a family!

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